Paper Review Information

Reviewing papers is an important skill. To hone this skill, you will write a review of six papers throughout the term. I will assign the papers to the students for reviewing. Think of this task as reviewing the paper for a conference. We will use this review form, which is closely based on the review forms of major database conferences.

You should send your review to me as the body of a text e-mail message (not an HTML message, and not an attachment) by 5:00pm the day before we discuss the paper (Tuesday). The subject line of your message should be "CS848 - Review of paper k", where k is the paper number. I will post all the reviews for the papers we are discussing on the class web page. Try to read these reviews before coming to class. The reviews posted to the class web page will be anonymous, so do not include your name in the body of the e-mail message that you send me.

Here is a paper that you may find useful: The Task of the Referee.